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Hard Hookbait Seafood Cocktail

Hard hook bait with proven irresistible instant high attraction that will catch! Fully loaded with carp attractors, …


  • Fully loaded with carp attractors
  • Identical to the HNV Seafood Cocktail boilies

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Hard Hookbait Seafood Cocktail,

Superior hard hookbait Seafood Cocktail with a proven irresistible instant high attraction that will catch. Developed and produced in-house.

Fully loaded with carp attractors, see additives package. These hard hookbaits are natural food signal bombs, which carp just won’t be able to resist.

  • A pungent seafood flagrance which will last very long
  • Natural red-brown colour
  • Identical to the HNV Seafood Cocktail boilies with extra attractors
  • Superior leakage of food signals, whilst ensuring they will remain hard for at least 24 hrs in warm water
  • Loaded with L-aminos, nucleotides, esters, anti-oxidants, organic acids, vitamins, minerals etc. to stimulate the chemoreceptors of carp
  • Low temperature steamed to perfection


  • Available in 16, 20 and 24mm;
  • One pot contains appr; 35x 16mm, 24x 20mm or 18x 24mm

Additives package:
Blend of seafood powders (CPSP90, GLM ff, Belachan, Krill), Blend of sweeteners, blend of powdered and liquid flavours, blend of essential oils and oleoresins, blend of L-aminos with di- and tri-peptides, blend of liquid foods among which Plankton-Calanus hydro, cultured yeast, organic acids, blend of our best proven FeedStimulants.

See our hookbait booster to give your bait an intense and irresistible boost!

Not for human- / animal consumption, use as hookbait (lure) only.

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