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22 September 2023 / Nieuws

When it comes to angling, the quality of bait plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful catch. For avid carp anglers, the quest for the perfect bait that’s not only attractive but also nutritionally superior is eternal. With our HNV Boilies Insect Cream – now available – we believe we have found the answer.

A True High Nutritional Value (HNV)

Crafted and produced in-house, our HNV boilies are more than just ordinary bait. Using only the most exquisite natural carp food ingredients, this bait is a culmination of meticulous precision and passion. Key ingredients like the high-quality defatted black soldier fly (BSF) meal, silkworm meal, and Insect BSF hydro powder come together to form an irresistible formula that carp simply can’t resist.

More Than Just a Bait

When we say our HNV boilies are not just ordinary bait, we mean it. Every boilie is a nutritional powerhouse. We enrich them with a plethora of attractors, liquid foods, and a comprehensive additive package, resulting in a treat that’s both delicious and wholesome for the carp.

To ensure that the boilies retain the highest nutritional value, they are low-temperature steamed to perfection. This process guarantees that the nutritional value of the ingredients remains at its peak.

HNV Boilies Insect Cream

Our boilies are not only nutritionally dense, but they are also structurally sound. Perfectly round in shape, they can endure submersion for anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. This resilience ensures that even in the company of smaller, pesky fish, they remain intact. These boilies release a mesmerizing array of attractors and food signals. This is possible due to the strategic incorporation of multiple water-soluble ingredients. These ingredients, both in powder and liquid form, constitute a significant part of the bait. The result? An effective and sustained release of tempting signals for at least 24 hours.

Average analytical values:

This is real HNV, not just in words but in analytical values.

Insect Cream Range

Our HNV range doesn’t stop at boilies. We also offer pop-ups, hard hookbait, wafters, boosters, liquid food, paste, and boilie mix to ensure you have a comprehensive toolkit for every angling scenario. Our (hook)bait products are unique and specially formulated in order to tempt even the most wary carp.

Each product is carefully formulated with the very best (water-soluble) attractors and liquid foods to create the most optimal triggers for carp, which will last for hours.

From our milk protein-based pop-ups to the liquid foods/boosters, the attraction is unparalleled.

These products are available in different sizes and packaging, so you can always choose the right package for your session.

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