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Liquid sweet fruit amino compound

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A sweet fruit liquid loaded with L-amino acids... 

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Liquid  sweet fruit amino acid compound

A sweet fruit liquid loaded with L-amino acids.

Great to use with any kind of bait; boilies, particles, pellets, spod-, stickmixes and ground baits. As this ingredient is completely water-soluble, it will create a water-soluble cloud over your bait and in this way releasing all amino acids which will disperse freely and send out food signals to fish.

Also very useful pure as a soak/dip, or as an ingredient to make your own unique soak in conjunction with other liquids like liquid Betaine, enzyme treated liquid Yeast, Glycerine, Plankton hydro, CSL, Wheat hydro, Squid hydro, etc. 

Product character: thin red liquid which disperses easily in water, strong sweet red fruit flavour and taste, 100% water-soluble, pva-friendly

Dosage direction:

In carpbait use at around 15 -25 ml/kg.

Higher levels are extremely effective in cold water under 13°C during winter time.


Protein40% minimal
Fat1% maximum

Amino acid profile per 100ml

L-Aspartic acid2.29L-Proline5.27
L-Glumatic acid4.14L-Threonine0.72

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Liquid sweet fruit amino compound

Liquid sweet fruit amino compound

A sweet fruit liquid loaded with L-amino acids... 

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