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Liquid Plankton hydro (Calanus)

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A highly stimulatory bait ingredient. This superior product is a pure...

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Liquid Plankton hydro (Calanus)

A highly stimulatory carp bait ingredient. This superior product is a pure thin fluid super food, straight from the Antarctic oceans.

We rate this product higher than the well known Krill hydro and former L-zero-30, due to its solubility and digestibility. This liquid will cloud the water surrounding your bait when used as / in a soak.

Made from pure fresh plankton thru enzymatic hydrolysis, without any additives / preservatives. Very rich in water-soluble omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, TMAO, and natural anti-oxidants.

Product character: easy flowing thin liquid, light-brown, very strong amino salty marine flagrance, water-soluble, pva-friendly

Dosage direction in carpbait per kg dry mix:

For this is a natural product there is no limit to its use, the more you use the more attraction will be created due to the increment of the solubility of the bait for carp. Suitable for year-round use in any water temperature, also in winter time.

As a guideline:

  • boilies; 10 -100ml per kg
  • groundbait / pellets / spodmix; around 50ml per kg
  • also very suitable to use as/in a soak


Protein 28-38%
Fat1% max 
Moisture    49-57%
Dry matter       43-51%

Average amino acid content (% of product):

Arginine2.2       Methionine0.6
Aspartic acid        2.7 Phenylalanine    1.0
Cysteine0.3 Proline1.1
Glutamine3.9 Serine1.1
Glysine2.3          Threonine1.2
Histidine   0.4 Tyrosine1.2
Isoleucine1.2 Valine1.6
Leucine2.1 Taurine0.5


Nice thin liquid, perfect for winter time!

This a really nice, fishy smelling liquid and this is a very good soak for your baits in winter times. It's thin enough to soak right in and dispurse in the water column.

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Liquid Plankton hydro (Calanus)

Liquid Plankton hydro (Calanus)

A highly stimulatory bait ingredient. This superior product is a pure...

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