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Amino acids with boilies

Boosting Carp Bait Attractiveness with Amino Acids

19 October 2023 / Nieuws

Carp fishing enthusiasts are always on the lookout for that secret ingredient to make their bait more attractive to carp. Enter amino acids! These organic compounds play a significant role... verder lezen »

HNV Seafood Cocktail Boilie Range

19 October 2023 / Nieuws

In the quest for the perfect carp bait, our in-house development and production teams have created the real deal – authentic HNV (High Nutritional Value) boilies that stand out in... verder lezen »

Orange pop ups with orange pop up mix

The Ultimate Guide to Using POP-UP MIX

19 October 2023 / Nieuws

Are you an avid angler on the hunt for the next game-changing bait? Look no further! Introducing our POP UP MIX, a ready-to-use, milk protein-based pop-up mix. This blog post... verder lezen »


22 September 2023 / Nieuws

When it comes to angling, the quality of bait plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful catch. For avid carp anglers, the quest for the perfect bait that’s not... verder lezen »

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