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After a couple of months of looking for a change in direction on my bait front I kept on coming across the name of feed stimulants. Bit more digging and a recipe was chosen and a order placed. Delivery was prompt and the goods turned up, once opened the quality was there to be seen and smelt. They reminded me of the quality ingredients from time gone by. A 12 egg mix was rolled and they rolled great and smelt awesome. Quick test on the fish in my pond and there response was encouraging. Got to the lake in the dark Friday night. There were a few anglers present so I slotted into a corner. All three rods placed on the new baits. With stringers and a scattering of baits. First blood was dawn the next day and was a 30. As I was doing photos a 2 nd rod was away resulting in a 25. Rods were out of the water a few hours the next day and a scattering of baits spread over the three spots. Another fish 31 was caught early evening. 

No photos as its no publicity but to put it into context no other fish were landed from 6 anglers during that period. And last season my total was 3 x30s for the season. 

Looking forward to applying the bait and a great Autumn winter campaign. Unfortunately I can't disclose which mix/ bait it was due to not wanting anyone else on it yet. 

Great products so get involved folks!

- Russel Phillips, UK


I made 5kg of a new mix last week which a tester used on Friday night, in 17 hours he had 5 x 10+kilo carp and 4 smaller ones, from a tough lake, no one else caught on the lake, they are quite complex boilies but contained your DMPT (0.8g/kg) GLM (10g/kg) MSG, squid oil and superstim, you'll notice how low the GLM dose is, but still came through in the finished bait...

- Mark Southern - PureHNVBoilies, UK (in formation).


i have used this website for just over a year now and the products are awesome. Most of this is not available in the UK. All of these products are going to give you an edge If you combine these with some sound advice from a bait expert like Tim Richardson you can't go wrong! 

My favourite product is the enzyme treated yeast (pro biotic). There's nothing like a cured bait !!

- Darren Nixon, UK.


Some great news for you FeedStim guys,

A mate of mine just came back from a 6-Day session on a Big fish water In Germany. There were 7 anglers fishing In total. 5 German anglers blanked, Mikkels friend Morten had a little carp on Mainline and Mikkel outfished them all with a 16,3kg, 16.1kg, 15.4kg and a 13.3kg!!!! 

All taken on my specials pop-ups fished over all 3 of our bottom baits... We out-fished Mainline, Nash and Northern baits ... VIVA LAS FEEDSTIMS..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

With kind regards,
- Jock Lespaul - Nessie Baits, Denmark (in formation).


Hi guys, 

Received my package and have to say how awesome the goose liver is!

Usually I design a base that includes a liquid food, with the goose liver im going to design a base around the liquid food, it absolutely reeks of a catch!

The squid liver oil I add to my squid dominant bait THE SNAIR, a prolific catcher that i can only improve by adding the squid liver oil to. Your dmpt is far superior than the shit i got before from ebay. 

Also thank you for the cool toarch, love it, one happy customer and a feedstim fan!

Will recommend your products, and mention my views on all the bait pages im on.

Thanks again


I would like to thank you for all your help this year. I do genuinely believe your products have improved my bait to the next level. Being a small bespoke bait maker. The handful of people that use my bait have consistently out fished the big commercial bait company's time and time again.

Thanks Stuart Mullin
- (Artisan carp baits)


Here's a couple of 12.6kg mirrors taken on the first night on a new water with no pre-baiting..!!! Fantastic... Going to give you a call soon as I'm curious about some products... 

The enzyme powder looks and acts very special- as for The amino krill, well it smells of quality and one just knows it Will do The damage...! I have made a naturel boilie glug/dip for The test anglers and I was shocked to see how quickly it began to disperse and send attractors up through the water coloumn... Amazing!! Thanx for the tip!

- Jock, Denmark


I hope you are well and getting the time to get out there and catch some carp! 

Just got back from my summer trip to France.  The weather was far too hot really but all my fish came over the particle/pellet soak including the biggest of the week (55lb) ... so thanks once again for the impact you have had on my fishing!

I've attached some photos of the 55lb and a 34lb mirror.  I've also included a picture (not a great one) of the biggest carp (49lb) from my recent Belgium trip

- Mervyn, UK


Your glm is just the best. The rest is a pale imitation!

- Peter, Germany


From the minute I started playing with this stuff (liquid amino compound). I just knew it was to be a winner. A seriously thick good quality true compound that has many uses. Simply coating frozen boilies once taken from the freezer and allowed to thaw is a winning method. Also in stick mixes, ground baits and particles it can be devastating as the free aminos and minerals rich within this almost paste like substance goes to work.

- Joe Turnbull, UK


I thought I'd drop you a line had a pretty good trip. I had my first 60lb

carp so over the moon. Plus someone used some of my bait for a night and

had a 68lb mirror. I used GLM and enzyme liver powder at 15grms per kg

with dmpt at 2grms per kg talin at 2ml per kg plus winter amino compound

at 10grms per kg. I'm sorry I didn't have time to try the new liquid test

batch but I will make my next batch of bait using it for myself.

Thanks for your help


- Stuart Mullin, UK


Afgelopen zaterdag had ik mijn eerste sessie dit jaar.

Het was die dag zwaar bewolkt met regen en hagel.

Tijdens een zware hagelbui waren we al aan het bedenken dat we liever nu geen aanbeet wilde hebben.

Maar ja, dat is de goden verzoeken want kort daarna vertrok de swinger richting de hengel onder vrolijk gepiep van mijn Delkim.

Na een mooie dril, had ik mijn eerste vis dit jaar op de kant. Een mooie spiegel van 13 pond.

Deze is gevangen op een zelfgemaakte basismix met losse ingrediënten van Feedstimulants. Ik ga natuurlijk niet alles verklappen, maar de basis was lysine, betaine, GLM, liver..............enz. Later die dag is er op deze combinatie nog een vis gevangen, dit alles terwijl er in totaal 24 hengels die dag in het water lagen en niets vingen... 

Ik kan niets anders concluderen dat dit te maken heeft gehad met de topproducten van Feedstimulants en de daarbij horende persoonlijke adviezen !

Op naar de volgende vissen !

- Grt Edwin, Netherlands


wie versprochen, ich habe dich heute ein paar boillies geschikt:2,5 Kg SHELLFISHSQUID und 2,5 Kg MONSTERSQUID.

Ein Freund hat sie schon mit erfolg  getestet: 19 und 23 Kg in 24 Std neben einen langfristigem gefütereteplatz, ein sehr gutes erfolg!

- Abel, France


I cannot recommend FeedStimulants products enough…. they are quite simply the best around by far 

The Bait Room, UK


I thought you might be interested in my first results using the pellet soak we discussed, in France.

Within 40 minutes of fishing over it (on the second day), I had a 42lb Mirror.  On a water where it is usually very difficult to get through the 20s, I went on to land a 41lb Common, a 35lb Mirror, a 42lb Cat together with a number of 20s.

Nothing proved for definite I guess about the soak and dmpt, but an excellent start using it on pellet and it has certainly given me a lot of confidence.

- Merv, UK


DMPT is a recognised feeding stimulant used in aquaculture in very low dosage due to its potency and like other forms of betaine over-loads receptors if high levels are used in egg sealed boilies so it seems best used in very low levels indeed for instance 0.5 to 3 gram per kg in boilie base mix in fact comparable to all advice and fish feed back from aquaculture feed designers and from practical fish catches feed back in bait testing of various betaines i.e. that a minimum 1 gram per kilogram of betaine improves feeding responses in general. 

In my personal testing of DMPT it appeared on very first initial response that if used in open feed like very open method mix it can promote a kind of feeding activity I've not witnessed previously, as in fish in my testing of around 5 pounds in an 8 foot deep swim in a natural 100 year old clay bed lake setting in summer. 

In this scenario after baiting with high levels of DMPT in loose open paste feed with fish appearing to feed at all levels searching for the source of stimulation and in an intense investigating wide-ranging searching mode for anything that is potentially food from on the bottom to cruising the middle layers even to searching at or near the surface. This was where very loose feed and high levels such as 3 plus grams per kg of feed were included. 

The easiest way to apply this product so it is effectively dispersed completely through a bait mix is by dissolving it first into your liquids and by definition these will be rich in free-form amino acids, so these and DMPT and other elements such as organic acids etc will all enhance one anothers’ impacts externally and internally. 

- Tim Richardson