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Pole Markers

A pole marker is a marker standing from the bottom with lead upright to about 25cm above the water surface to mark your precise fishing spot. Very effective to mark your spot over great distance and when fishing at night, due to the use of 3M fluorescent orange and white waterproof tape and ultra bright leds they are clearly visible to over 500 metres. The poles are especially designed to prevent the line of getting stuck / tangled on the pole, in other words; this is not possible! Every part of the marker is waterproof and will float, also with the batteries in the head.

We carry three types of top quality marker heads in five colours: 

  • automatic: light goes on when it gets dark and turns automatically off when it gets light again
  • remote control: turning the lights on/off manually with a remote control, very suitable for long distance
  • camouflage remote control; as a result of frequent requests we now have markers with special camouflage paint in army green/brown/black and matt plastic-coated to protect the special paint, no reflective tape is used. Also visible up to over 500 metres.

The remote control markers work perfectly with the light head above the water surface for only around 25cm, in order to opereate them with the remote control. We guarantee they will operate over a distance of at least 500m.

You can configure your own markers as you like them. With different lead (1.25 or 2kg), different lenghts etc. If you need any spare / extra poles please ask us by email. Next to this we have complete sets on the webshop displayed, these all have the standard lead of 1.25kg and a standard lenght of appr 6.50 m. 

Available in white, red, green, blue and purple (yellow and orange are available on request).

Please allow around 10 days for delivery, for these markers are made to order.

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