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Essential oils & oleoresins

All products in this category are human food grade and pure natural products. A lot / most essential oils that are for sale nowadays are cheap synthetic variants which simply will not attract fish/carp like the pure natural product.

Only our vanilla liquid is a synthetic human-grade product for the natural product is too expensive to use in carp bait.
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The difference between essential oils and oleoresins:

Essential oils are generally produced by injecting the spice bed with steam, and then separating the distillate into the essential oil and water. This produces a very strong-smelling oil.

On the other hand, oleoresins are produced by soaking spices in a solvent, whether with a combination of ethanol and water or hexane. One of the final stages in processing is to remove the solvent to acceptable levels. What is left are all of the pungent taste flavour components dissolved by the solvent.

Ideal to use as an alternative all-natural flavour with feed triggering and digestive aid properties, which work much better than any artificial flavours. For a unique flavour try combining two or more essential oils / Oleoresins in your carp bait/boilie/stick mix/soak etc.

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