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Amino acids

Amino acids

Adding the right amino acids will make a valued addition to every kind of (carp) bait. It increases the palatability of feed offerings. Research at several universities worldwide has demonstrated that certain amino acids are highly attractive to carp and that they will stimulate feeding. It is important to note that not all amino acids are attractive and that many are neutral and some are actually inhibitory, a few profoundly so.

Please note that for most fish species studied L-amino acids are more stimulatory than D-amino acids for the gustatory and olfactory system of fish (Gustatory and olfactory responses in Japanese Koi carp, by Philip Barnard, april 2006). This is why we have only selected the L-amino acids.

Including amino acids in boilies:
Heat treatments, like boiling / steaming, generally will not affect the composition of amino acids or their nutritional content. Severe heat treatments may slightly affect nutrition and some amino acids that are particularly sensitive to heat. Sensitive amino acids like cysteine and trypophane will be partially destroyed when heated (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY).

Also very effective incorporated in a soak / dip.

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