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Catched by Ken Townley

19 May 2023

Ken Townley has been at it again!

He went to the Secret Garden Carp angling in France at the beginning of November.

Ken wanted to test our new Seafood Cocktail bait, and wow was he successful.

A total of 5 x 50lb+ and several 40lb+ beauties, with a new PB common of 54lb. Congratulations Ken!

Fishing double 10mm orange fruit crush pop ups over a bed of 12mm Seafood Cocktail boilies proved to be especially devastating.

Other techniques that Ken used:

12mm Seafood Cocktail boilies used whole as part of a bait boat package, compromising 50% 12mm boilies and 50% cooked mini maize (popcorn maize).
20mm Seafood Cocktail boilies used as chops or crumbs, with the idea that the fish would go for smaller ‘bits’ in the groundbait package.
After the Seafood Cocktail were used up Ken changed to ‘house’ pellets (Sketterings).

The most productive combo was Orange Fruit Crush pop-ups over a tight but quite large carpet of bait, dropped by bait boat.

In addition, spreading a sparse scattering of boilies on and around the main area of bait in order to get the carp to start looking actively for Seafood Cocktail boilies over a wide area of lakebed.

Caught two ‘rovers’ on the pink Seafood Cocktail pop-ups, these were fished in isolation well away from the main bait carpet.

A very effective tactic was to dip the hookbait in neat Tamari Soy sauce, then while still wet put it in a pot containing pre-digested fishmeal (CPSP90).
Also using a paste wrap on the lead, this being made using 50% Haiths Red Factor and 50% CPSP90. This was bound using a blend of lakewater and Tamari.
When moulded around the lead this created a powerful source of attraction close to the hookbait.

Using the larger Orange Fruit Crush pop-ups on a 360 degree rig – size 6 long shank barbless
Also double 10mm Orange Fruit Crush Pop-Ups on a standard knotless knot to a size 4 wide gape.

We want to thank Ken for testing our bait and sharing his results with us.

Ken Townley;
Author of several carp books
Consultant and tester for Haith’s Baits

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